Hi everyone!

You guys might not know me… My name is Sandra Dragonforce! I am the only person who works on ssoweirdo. I feel like telling you guys a little bit about this blog! Lets get started then… Well this blog is about things that happen on Star Stable Online, for example, weird pics, trivia and more! Throughout the blog you will notice what i am trying to tell you. I will try to add photos when I can:) I will also try to post as many times as I can;)

If you want to help with this site just ask me and we can have a chatting interview. Just give me your email please.

Questions? Please ask me them in comments box 🙂 Same do w/ ideas.

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#citybusglitch #ssoweirdoalert

Heya people!

So this one’s gonna be short but I was riding to Steve’s and I saw the WEIRDEST bus glitch… You can actually access the bus without the bus?! Nah… This can’t be right, can it?

Untitled drawing (3)

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Red as a flame! #ssoweirdoalert

Hey everybody!

#ssoweirdoalert time! Today, as I was playing sso, (at 12:08 in the morning, don’t ask) I went to moorland, testing a new computer’s timing and graphics. This computer is very slow with graphics and timing. It also has problems with watching any videos. Anyway, back to the point, while I was claiming my exp after a race. I saw Charlotte. For some reason her hair was… glow in the dark?

I managed to take a screenshot (and edited a bit) although her all time moving… Take a look:


I recommend you do it. For me, it was a sight worth seeing! The perfect time to go is on late disco nights. The sky turns pitch black, then you go. When I edited, I wasn’t sure about 10:30 (I meant whenever the sky turned pitch black).

Seriously, this reminds me of a torch!

Next off on our list is the fashion market! I thought this was important enough to mention since it is a big addition to sso.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been there yet but this is what I hope will happen. 

I hope this fashion market doesn’t turn into Eddie and Ferindad’s horse market. No offense to those who like it but, in my opinion, it isn’t that interesting. Why? Just because it always has the same stock and, if you buy every horse there, you need to wait for a very long time (10 months+) for a switch of horses! On top of that, every second week they need to build their market, which you need to wait for a week to buy a horse! Why can’t they just have a permanent location or a location to buy the horses while they are building their market? I feel bad for non-star riders who spent their irl money to get star coins and on top of that, they have to wait for the market for months at a time!

Also, I want some cooler clothes… I have maybe 10 tops and 2 pants that are my favorites. The rest (over 2 boxes) is unused! I know I should be selling them but A, I might need them in the future and B I have no patience for that.

Anyway, have a great week and an awesome life. Ill talk to you soon!

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉 

Woah!!! #ssoweirdoalertTIMES2

Hey guys

Omg #ssoweirdoalertTIMES2

Look. At. This.

ssoweirdoalertjustinmoorlandOk this photo is extremely new. This is a random daily quest that I found in my quest log. I’m like WOAH!!!! Isn’t he supposed to be gone?! So I went to Moorland, to his usual spot and look for him expecting him to be there but guess what! He was not there so how am I supposed to complete my daily quest?!?!?!?!?!


Ok so this pic is old, sso might of fixed it by now cuz I’m not seeing these anymore but, this was before they announced the official date of the releasing of lead ropes. It’s actually December 16th that they are going to release lead ropes! I look forward to that… I have heard rumors about those “things” attached to horses are only there because there is a certain gear combo but, rumors are rumors right?! If you do have that “thing” attached to your horse stop right away and reply your horse’s gear combo ASAP. If you see someone who has that “thing”, “Inspect” them and reply their combo ASAP. If those of you that are on Chocolate Cupcake (I don’t know if she changed servers) know her or are friends with her, ask her how she did it just don’t stock her, plz (lol).

For those who can’t see the picture, click the read more tag.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

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WOAH! 4 New Star Stable Codes?! 6 people in one group?!

Hey guys!

Today I herd SO many people talking about 3 new Star Stable codes on Star Stable. So I went out to youtube to see what the codes are. So I found this unique video, (it had 4 redeem codes, when the other ones had 3), so I checked it out and I tried them and guess what? They worked! So today I decided to share this video with you guys. Enjoy 400 FREE Star Coins!

A few days ago, I was doing a role and I saw that there was 6 people in the role, I was like WOAH! If you can get more people make sure you let me know how many people you can have in one group.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Tour of the new and Improved Fort Pinta

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to show you the tour of the new and improved Fort Pinta, it’s awesome.

When you walk in you will see this:



It will be much bigger then before.


It should look like this when you call for pickup, if your home is Fort Pinta. Also, the trailer has moved!


Off to James! The sso team made it bigger. The wall looks “different”. James moved too!


A bit further, the tree island thing is a bit different. Around the statue changed. Down the stairs hasn’t changed.


Lets go inside!


Up up up! Now we can access whats on top, yay!


New halls. New Indoors.


A brand new pathway to go to the house upstairs… There used to be wood stairs to go up. Lets go!


Wow! The house got updated with a brand new porch!


Back down there is another set of stairs to go up. The 2 sets of stairs are mainly to go to a small place where you can have fake war… there are canons.


If you follow those stairs you get direct access to the beach.


Jump through the gap to get here.


And I forgot to show you the fountain.

Here is a bit of extra info on the new Fort Pinta!

There is a new quest involving helping a magician (I’m trying not to spoil anything for all of you who haven’t started this quest yet) but it is a Star Rider only quest.

It got much bigger than before.

Now about the mall, Raptor is now coming every Thursday, I’m so exited!! Lots more new Gear and Clothing have also been delivered. That’s 2 pretty good reasons to go, so why not check it out on Thursday?

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Long Gone

Hey Guys…

Sorry I’m really sorry that I was Long Gone, but the school year has just started and summer passed fast so I won’t be on but I am on every day after school (ends at 4:00). So I will still respond to all of your questions and the contest is still on! We need more enters! Make sure you share the contest with everyone you know who plays sso. Sorry this post is kinda short but next time I will show you a tour of the new fort pinta.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

More Google Images

Hey guys!
Its time for another batch of images!
So mysterious!
What a beauty!
Such swimming pros!
Well done! So antique!
Ahhh!!! Ghosts!!!
Thats it! Ride the wind!
Make way for this angel!
And I would finally like to introduce my own edit of the new Star Stable Logo! (used Paint so I can’t do much 😥 ) It will be posted Friday so stay tuned!
Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Midsummer with a taste of shopping

Hey guys!

In midsummer, the little frog song is here. Akward dancing (lol), crazy outfits (#craycray) and tons more summery things! Make sure to gather your newly pastel reef, thank Steve for it! You’ll get one for you and your horse so don’t worry about not looking like twins! Felix’s midsummer treasure hunt has all-new prizes for 2015 but don’t blame me for getting the same one twice!

To make things even better, the all-new summer gift shop (untill 7th of July) is here! 3,000 star coins = 25$, 5,000 star coins = 40$ & 10,000 star coins = 60$ (got that for xmas). Once purchased, you will get an email with your code & to make things real, you’ll get a post card delivered to your mailbox. Enjoy your bonuses! Saddle Up for Summer with the Official Star Stable Gift Shop!

…Turns into good!

Hey guys!

I’m finally back and it’s awesome to be back. I’ve been playing sso a lot. It’s also summer break! No more school, more camps and awesomeness (find out more on my irl blog). So, no mean to brag but I got these awesome shorts! Here’s the code but it’s for lifetime star riders only 😥

This is the email sent to me:

Star Stable - Free Gift

The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and we want to help our fantastic Lifetime Star Riders get ready for the summer with a wardrobe update!

To get your exclusive Striped Shorts, just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Star Stable Account
  2. Go to the Redeem code tab
  3. Enter SSOSHORTS4U in the Redeem code box and press “Redeem”
  4. Look awesome in your new Striped Shorts!
Happy Trails!

Star Stable Team X