Horse Market In Silverglade Tutorial!

Hey peoples!!

So on  ssoweirdo i will be posting Step by Step guides (posting tutorials on youtube was ALWAYS my dream but, tomato tomato). This is long but it is worth it 🙂

Today’s Step by Step guide will be how to accomplish the quests at the horse market in silverglade 🙂 So this is the step by step guide.

Btw, every step is right because, I wrote it all while actually doing it and no, this is not a Copy Paste from some other blog.

So let’s get started!


Step 1, go to Eddie and start the quest (don’t read what she says, its a waste of time).       Step 2, go to the council man (in silverglage village) and finish up the quest.


Step 1, go to Ferdinand and start the quest (don’t read what he says, its a waste of time).        Step 2, go to Barney (silo, next field) and finish up the quest.      Step 3, click on Barney again and accept the quest (no reading 😉 ).        Step 4, now he will give you a Vuvuzella, get off your horse and then go onto his field of soil and then approach the rodent from the back be careful to not run into the truck.         Step 5, open your inventory and drag the Vuvuzella onto the back of the rodent, it should say, the rodent freaks out and runs away from the field.          Step 6, Return to barney (after it says, the vuvuzella is the rodent’s best frenemy (Conditions Fulfilled) ) and finish the quest (no reading 😉 ).      Step 7, Click on Barney again and then accept the quest (no reading 😉 ).      Step 8, go to Ferdinand and complete the quest then click on him again to start the next quest.    Step 9, find the horses that are running and come close to them, they should stop then go to the next horse thats running until you reach all of them.       Step 10, go back to Ferdinand once you are done.

 Your quests are finally completed! yay!! 😀

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

If you want to help with this site just ask me and we can have a chatting interview. Just give me your email please.

Questions? Please ask me them in comments box 🙂 Same do w/ ideas.


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