Tour of the new and Improved Fort Pinta

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to show you the tour of the new and improved Fort Pinta, it’s awesome.

When you walk in you will see this:



It will be much bigger then before.


It should look like this when you call for pickup, if your home is Fort Pinta. Also, the trailer has moved!


Off to James! The sso team made it bigger. The wall looks “different”. James moved too!


A bit further, the tree island thing is a bit different. Around the statue changed. Down the stairs hasn’t changed.


Lets go inside!


Up up up! Now we can access whats on top, yay!


New halls. New Indoors.


A brand new pathway to go to the house upstairs… There used to be wood stairs to go up. Lets go!


Wow! The house got updated with a brand new porch!


Back down there is another set of stairs to go up. The 2 sets of stairs are mainly to go to a small place where you can have fake war… there are canons.


If you follow those stairs you get direct access to the beach.


Jump through the gap to get here.


And I forgot to show you the fountain.

Here is a bit of extra info on the new Fort Pinta!

There is a new quest involving helping a magician (I’m trying not to spoil anything for all of you who haven’t started this quest yet) but it is a Star Rider only quest.

It got much bigger than before.

Now about the mall, Raptor is now coming every Thursday, I’m so exited!! Lots more new Gear and Clothing have also been delivered. That’s 2 pretty good reasons to go, so why not check it out on Thursday?

Forever ā¤ Sandra šŸ˜‰


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