Woah!!! #ssoweirdoalertTIMES2

Hey guys

Omg #ssoweirdoalertTIMES2

Look. At. This.

ssoweirdoalertjustinmoorlandOk this photo is extremely new. This is a random daily quest that I found in my quest log. I’m like WOAH!!!! Isn’t he supposed to be gone?! So I went to Moorland, to his usual spot and look for him expecting him to be there but guess what! He was not there so how am I supposed to complete my daily quest?!?!?!?!?!


Ok so this pic is old, sso might of fixed it by now cuz I’m not seeing these anymore but, this was before they announced the official date of the releasing of lead ropes. It’s actually December 16th that they are going to release lead ropes! I look forward to that… I have heard rumors about those “things” attached to horses are only there because there is a certain gear combo but, rumors are rumors right?! If you do have that “thing” attached to your horse stop right away and reply your horse’s gear combo ASAP. If you see someone who has that “thing”, “Inspect” them and reply their combo ASAP. If those of you that are on Chocolate Cupcake (I don’t know if she changed servers) know her or are friends with her, ask her how she did it just don’t stock her, plz (lol).

For those who can’t see the picture, click the read more tag.

Forever ā¤ Sandra šŸ˜‰

Her User is: Amanda Snowheart.

So the “thing” I’m referring to is like a horizontal line attached to either the left, the right, the sky or the ground, it is also attached to the horse. If you go too far from that horse the line disappears. The line can also be of any color depending on the color of the gear combo.


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