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Midsummer with a taste of shopping

Hey guys!

In midsummer, the little frog song is here. Akward dancing (lol), crazy outfits (#craycray) and tons more summery things! Make sure to gather your newly pastel reef, thank Steve for it! You’ll get one for you and your horse so don’t worry about not looking like twins! Felix’s midsummer treasure hunt has all-new prizes for 2015 but don’t blame me for getting the same one twice!

To make things even better, the all-new summer gift shop (untill 7th of July) is here! 3,000 star coins = 25$, 5,000 star coins = 40$ & 10,000 star coins = 60$ (got that for xmas). Once purchased, you will get an email with your code & to make things real, you’ll get a post card delivered to your mailbox. Enjoy your bonuses! Saddle Up for Summer with the Official Star Stable Gift Shop!



Hi everyone!

You guys might not know me… My name is Sandra Dragonforce! I am the only person who works on ssoweirdo. I feel like telling you guys a little bit about this blog! Lets get started then… Well this blog is about things that happen on Star Stable Online, for example, weird pics, trivia and more! Throughout the blog you will notice what i am trying to tell you. I will try to add photos when I can:) I will also try to post as many times as I can;)

If you want to help with this site just ask me and we can have a chatting interview. Just give me your email please.

Questions? Please ask me them in comments box 🙂 Same do w/ ideas.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉