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More Google Images

Hey guys!
Its time for another batch of images!
So mysterious!
What a beauty!
Such swimming pros!
Well done! So antique!
Ahhh!!! Ghosts!!!
Thats it! Ride the wind!
Make way for this angel!
And I would finally like to introduce my own edit of the new Star Stable Logo! (used Paint so I can’t do much 😥 ) It will be posted Friday so stay tuned!
Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

My new horse!

Hey guys!

I am truly sorry that I haven’t been on for quite awhile but lets get on to the post!

Aren’t we the perfect pair?!

Yup! That’s me & my beautiful Winter Runner:) He is the tanned American Quarter Horse who is bought at Firgrove for 890 Star Coins. Boy that is a lot but, she is beautiful!

I also did make a video just for you guys but… I forgot that I can’t add videos to my blog:( The intention was to show you the speed difference for the American Quarter horse and another horse. In the end, a level 4 American Quarter can beat a level 15 other horse. But I did find the same thing on Youtube. Isn’t that great?! So shoutout to Piper McKnight On youtube for this awsome video!

The other American Quarters are… PXStudioRuntimeMMO 2015-04-13 19-51-51-608The brown one found at Fort Pinta for 890 Star Coins

And…PXStudioRuntimeMMO 2015-04-13 19-53-26-382The black one, found at Marley’s Farm for 890 Star Coins

If you were to buy all three of them the total would be 2670 Star Coins! My advice to you is to only buy 1.

Shoutout For Wild Horses On Youtube!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes I will be giving out Shoutouts, so today’s Shoutout is… Zoey 702 for her wild horse glitch on youtube! Her Star stable name is, Zoey Waterdaughter.

If you want to try to get a shoutout, please email me at and please put this in the subject box, “Shoutout for (put your name)”,   and then put your sso name in the “(put your name)” part.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉