Hey Guys,

Here is a popularity contest that I have for you guys šŸ˜‰ On star stable, get ur best horse (without gear and pets) & your best outfit to match the topics at the end of this page. No speed painting, no editing, no text, no cutting the image & don’t change the size of the photo please and thank you.

Do not comment your photos but please email them to and please put “popularity contest submitted” as the subject.


The topics are……………….

  • Dress to Success
  • Going to the prom
  • Hilarious Outfit Day
  • Druid style
  • Funky raper
  • G.E.D. Know-it-all

The prize is, an edited pic of this (below) with my autograph just for you by email! If I choose you then send me who to autograph it to.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Forever ā¤ Sandra šŸ˜‰


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