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I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting anything 😦 If it’s gonna be like this everyday, I will have to take a break for a week or more. The next time I post i’m totally gonna be back!!! Don’t worry, I will respond to your comments on my other blogs! What other blogs? My irl blog & my all about that info blog. &

I don’t want to do this but I have to. I am also stopping sso for a while but ill be back soon! I’m coming Dragon Queen!!!

Why? Well, I am really busy with my irl blog & my all about that info is my homework that my mom gives me… Plus, these 2 weeks, (24th May Sunday-6th June Saturday) are hectic. Find out more on my irl blog!



Picture changing!

Hi Guys!

I am thinking of changing the picture, any suggestions? Currently I do have these choices,





Vote your favorite!

A, B or C?

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Some more options and extended double star coins!

Hey Star Stable People!

So, I haven’t been for quite awhile (and I’m very sorry ’bout that) just because I was asking people for feedback and I was exploring more great Star Stable blogs! A new feature is more choices in the “Subject” field if you go to the “Contact me” page, there will be more choices in the drop box called “Subject” which is a required field:)

Other then that, there is a Extended Double Star Coins event on now in Star Stable. It did extend until Wednesday the 22nd of April at 11:00 am GMT.


My new horse!

Hey guys!

I am truly sorry that I haven’t been on for quite awhile but lets get on to the post!

Aren’t we the perfect pair?!

Yup! That’s me & my beautiful Winter Runner:) He is the tanned American Quarter Horse who is bought at Firgrove for 890 Star Coins. Boy that is a lot but, she is beautiful!

I also did make a video just for you guys but… I forgot that I can’t add videos to my blog:( The intention was to show you the speed difference for the American Quarter horse and another horse. In the end, a level 4 American Quarter can beat a level 15 other horse. But I did find the same thing on Youtube. Isn’t that great?! So shoutout to Piper McKnight On youtube for this awsome video!

The other American Quarters are… PXStudioRuntimeMMO 2015-04-13 19-51-51-608The brown one found at Fort Pinta for 890 Star Coins

And…PXStudioRuntimeMMO 2015-04-13 19-53-26-382The black one, found at Marley’s Farm for 890 Star Coins

If you were to buy all three of them the total would be 2670 Star Coins! My advice to you is to only buy 1.

Shoutout For Wild Horses On Youtube!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes I will be giving out Shoutouts, so today’s Shoutout is… Zoey 702 for her wild horse glitch on youtube! Her Star stable name is, Zoey Waterdaughter.

If you want to try to get a shoutout, please email me at and please put this in the subject box, “Shoutout for (put your name)”,   and then put your sso name in the “(put your name)” part.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

Horse Market In Silverglade Tutorial!

Hey peoples!!

So on  ssoweirdo i will be posting Step by Step guides (posting tutorials on youtube was ALWAYS my dream but, tomato tomato). This is long but it is worth it 🙂

Today’s Step by Step guide will be how to accomplish the quests at the horse market in silverglade 🙂 So this is the step by step guide.

Btw, every step is right because, I wrote it all while actually doing it and no, this is not a Copy Paste from some other blog.

So let’s get started!


Step 1, go to Eddie and start the quest (don’t read what she says, its a waste of time).       Step 2, go to the council man (in silverglage village) and finish up the quest.


Step 1, go to Ferdinand and start the quest (don’t read what he says, its a waste of time).        Step 2, go to Barney (silo, next field) and finish up the quest.      Step 3, click on Barney again and accept the quest (no reading 😉 ).        Step 4, now he will give you a Vuvuzella, get off your horse and then go onto his field of soil and then approach the rodent from the back be careful to not run into the truck.         Step 5, open your inventory and drag the Vuvuzella onto the back of the rodent, it should say, the rodent freaks out and runs away from the field.          Step 6, Return to barney (after it says, the vuvuzella is the rodent’s best frenemy (Conditions Fulfilled) ) and finish the quest (no reading 😉 ).      Step 7, Click on Barney again and then accept the quest (no reading 😉 ).      Step 8, go to Ferdinand and complete the quest then click on him again to start the next quest.    Step 9, find the horses that are running and come close to them, they should stop then go to the next horse thats running until you reach all of them.       Step 10, go back to Ferdinand once you are done.

 Your quests are finally completed! yay!! 😀

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉

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Hi everyone!

You guys might not know me… My name is Sandra Dragonforce! I am the only person who works on ssoweirdo. I feel like telling you guys a little bit about this blog! Lets get started then… Well this blog is about things that happen on Star Stable Online, for example, weird pics, trivia and more! Throughout the blog you will notice what i am trying to tell you. I will try to add photos when I can:) I will also try to post as many times as I can;)

If you want to help with this site just ask me and we can have a chatting interview. Just give me your email please.

Questions? Please ask me them in comments box 🙂 Same do w/ ideas.

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉