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Red as a flame! #ssoweirdoalert

Hey everybody!

#ssoweirdoalert time! Today, as I was playing sso, (at 12:08 in the morning, don’t ask) I went to moorland, testing a new computer’s timing and graphics. This computer is very slow with graphics and timing. It also has problems with watching any videos. Anyway, back to the point, while I was claiming my exp after a race. I saw Charlotte. For some reason her hair was… glow in the dark?

I managed to take a screenshot (and edited a bit) although her all time moving… Take a look:


I recommend you do it. For me, it was a sight worth seeing! The perfect time to go is on late disco nights. The sky turns pitch black, then you go. When I edited, I wasn’t sure about 10:30 (I meant whenever the sky turned pitch black).

Seriously, this reminds me of a torch!

Next off on our list is the fashion market! I thought this was important enough to mention since it is a big addition to sso.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been there yet but this is what I hope will happen. 

I hope this fashion market doesn’t turn into Eddie and Ferindad’s horse market. No offense to those who like it but, in my opinion, it isn’t that interesting. Why? Just because it always has the same stock and, if you buy every horse there, you need to wait for a very long time (10 months+) for a switch of horses! On top of that, every second week they need to build their market, which you need to wait for a week to buy a horse! Why can’t they just have a permanent location or a location to buy the horses while they are building their market? I feel bad for non-star riders who spent their irl money to get star coins and on top of that, they have to wait for the market for months at a time!

Also, I want some cooler clothes… I have maybe 10 tops and 2 pants that are my favorites. The rest (over 2 boxes) is unused! I know I should be selling them but A, I might need them in the future and B I have no patience for that.

Anyway, have a great week and an awesome life. Ill talk to you soon!

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉