Where to buy horses you ask? Trainer prices too?

Hey guys!

I have decided to make a page about where you should be buying horses and the trainer prices.

The trainer prices are,

  1. to get to Level 2 it is 25 Star Coins
  2. to get to Level 3 it is 50 Star Coins
  3. to get to Level 4 it is 75 Star Coins
  4. to get to Level 5 it is 100 Star Coins
  5. to get to Level 6 it is 125 Star Coins
  6. to get to Level 7 it is 150 Star Coins
  7. to get to Level 8 it is 175 Star Coins
  8. to get to Level 9 it is 200 Star Coins
  9. to get to Level 10 it is 225 Star Coins
  10. to get to Level 11 it is 250 Star Coins
  11. to get to Level 12 it is 275 Star Coins
  12. to get to Level 13 it is 300 Star Coins
  13. to get to Level 14 it is 325 Star Coins
  14. to get to Level 15 it is 350 Star Coins

The total would be coming to, 2625 star coins, seesh, thats a lot!

ok now to the horses… I think you should visit this blog, for that info. Sorry but I cannot add all the horses 😥 . Here is the website. http://ssoridethrough.com/get-help-here/new-horse-guide/ Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Forever ❤ Sandra 😉


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